Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Will Sears was born and raised in Philadelphia, where he began making art at an early age. He received a BFA after studying Painting at Syracuse University. He now lives and works in Portland, Maine where he splits his time as a sign painter and fine artist. Will’s artwork is very grounded in typography. Borrowing from the aesthetic of advertising yet selling nothing concrete. He uses letterforms with nostalgic color palates and imagery, abstracting them to conjure up snippets of anthropological moments.

Tessa Greene OBrien was born in a Midcoast, Maine, and grew up surrounded by woods, fields, ocean, and creative types. The landscape and the people continue to inspire her work. She graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in studio art, and spent the next 10 years traveling the country and painting sets for music festivals. During this time she fell in love with large scale painting and was able to work alongside with many contemporary artists.
Today she lives and paints in Portland, Maine and is pursuing her MFA at MECA.


Both myself and Tessa have extensive experience with both commercial and fine art mural production. We are self employed artists who paint murals and signs for clients, and are familiar with all of the processes, from conception to execution, that painting murals entails. Between us, we own many of the necessary tools, including ladders, an industrial sprayer, scaffolding, hand tools, and computer rendering programs. Our experience working with both local clients and national firms have taught us to combine patience, diplomacy, and professionalism with the creative process.

Our experience as small business owners has taught us how to create and manage budgets and project timelines, and how to be resourceful, with both time and money!

Check out a quick glance at some of their past projects for a better idea of the production side of things:

pictures; walls, wall, and more walls…

potential mural locations

Here is a gallery of a lot of the walls that have caught our attention as being possibilities for sites of art :